Episode #34 - High Truths with Glenn Ignazio and Failing Forward

Episode 34 August 16, 2021 01:00:10
Episode #34 - High Truths with Glenn Ignazio and Failing Forward
High Truths on Drugs and Addiction
Episode #34 - High Truths with Glenn Ignazio and Failing Forward

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Glenn Ignazio lived his dream of being a decorated air force pilot and it all came crashing down after a terrible accident. He became addicted to opioids, lost his beloved career, faced divorce, and dealt with the pain of friends dying from suicide.  He seemingly lost everything as he was learning to walk again.  What is the secret to his resiliency?  Glenn explains Failing Forward.

About Glenn Ignazio

Glenn Ignazio is a military expert and public speaker, with experience in technology solutions for intelligence, defense, and Special Operations. His background as a Retired Air Force Special Operations commander and Defense Intelligence Technology innovator has made him a sought-after public speaker, media contributor, and inspiring storyteller.

Glenn is best known for his experience translating complex technology into tactical operations that strategically position critical solutions for commercial, defense, and government organizations. This reputation has led to professional expert and advisory engagements with the U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense for C4ISR, members of the UAE Royal Family, and defense agencies throughout Europe and Asia.

He has used various sensor and unmanned systems in security operations that included the protection of borders, ports, economic exclusion zones, and critical infrastructures. Further, he has conducted anti-piracy and counter-smuggling operations across the globe, including detecting, deterring, and preventing the illicit movement of weapons, drugs, trafficked humans, and technology.

In addition to his advanced technological expertise, Glenn has also conducted numerous civilian and combat rescues. Among these lifesaving rescues, Glenn personally negotiated a hostage release of a senior executive in the Middle East. He is also highly decorated with Air Medals, Air Force Commendation Medals, Special Operations Citations, and received United States Congressional Recognition for Combat Operations.

In 2022, Glenn will release a book where he chronicles the lessons of resilience, from high to low moments of his personal and professional life.

You can follow Glenn in Instagram: @theglennig and Facebook: @glennignazio, or on his website:https://www.glennignazio.com/


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