Episode #41 High Truths with Bishop Jethro James and Faith's role in Addiction

Episode 41 October 04, 2021 01:07:33
Episode #41 High Truths with Bishop Jethro James and Faith's role in Addiction
High Truths on Drugs and Addiction
Episode #41 High Truths with Bishop Jethro James and Faith's role in Addiction

Oct 04 2021 | 01:07:33


Show Notes

What is the role of faith in treatment and prevention of addiction? Bishop Jethro James give advice for all religions.

Bishop Jethro C. James, Jr.

Bishop Jethro C. James, Jr., Senior Pastor of Paradise Baptist Church, was born in Paterson, New Jersey, the eldest of seven children to the late Jethro Sr. and Mary James.  Most of his childhood years were spent in Powhatan, Virginia where he attended the public-school system before returning to Paterson, NJ with his family.   He continued his education in Paterson, graduating from John F. Kennedy High School and furthered his education at Bergen Community College and Rutgers University earning a certificate in Labor Studies.  He attended the Lamb’s School of Ministry in Brooklyn, New York and Christian Bible Institute of New Jersey where he received a Doctor of Divinity Degree. Gifted to serve the church community as mentor and advisor to pastors and congregations, alike he was consecrated to the office of Bishop on April 17, 2010.  He was affirmed as a Bishop in the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International on April 23, 2014, under the leadership of Bishop Paul S. Morton, International Presiding Bishop. He currently serves the Fellowship as the New Jersey State Director of Social Action under the leadership of Bishop Rudy V. Carlton, Regional Bishop Kenneth L. Robinson, Presiding Bishop Joseph W. Walker, III and Founder, Bishop Paul S. Morton.

Bishop James is President of the Newark/North Jersey Committee of Clergy.    He is also a member of several civic and fraternal organizations and is very active within the community.  He serves as a chaplain for New Jersey State Police Departments and has been appointed by the Supreme Court of the State of New Jersey to serve a member of the Attorney Legal Ethics Committee.  In addition, he serves as chairperson of the Human Services Advisory Council of Essex County, chairperson of appropriations committee of FEMA, Community Advisor to the State of New Jersey Office of Homeland Security, along with a host of other affiliations.  He is certified by the State of New Jersey as a Social Worker.  An eloquent informed speaker Bishop James is often sought to address political and civic organizations nationwide. Bishop James served as a member or the Law & Justice Transition Team for Governor Phil Murphy and a Senior Advisor for NJ R.A.M.P. (Responsible Approached To Marijuana Policy).

In June 2006, after thirty-eight years of dedicated service, Bishop James retired from Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSE&G) in Newark.   Prior to his retirement, Bishop James was an Urban Development Executive, responsible for the urban centers from Paterson to Camden.

Bishop James is married Dr. Kim Yancey James.  They are the proud parents of a son, Terrill, a daughter, Danielle and chosen daughter, Tanisha.  They are also the grandparents of a 2 granddaughters, Taylor Jewel and Sofia-Jo  and 2 grandsons; Isaiah Nathaniel and Micah Elisha.

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