Episode #89 High Truths on Drugs and Addiction with National Clinician Consultation Center

Episode 89 September 05, 2022 01:04:20
Episode #89 High Truths on Drugs and Addiction with National Clinician Consultation Center
High Truths on Drugs and Addiction
Episode #89 High Truths on Drugs and Addiction with National Clinician Consultation Center

Sep 05 2022 | 01:04:20


Show Notes

Where do doctors go for advice if they need help treating patients with addiction? NCCC is like the National Poison Center but with a focus on drug addiction. NCCC provides free advice from national experts to doctors and clinicians treating patients with addiction. On this podcast hear from the NCCC experts on how doctors give advice to other doctors.

NCCC - National Clinician Consultation Center

For 30 years, the National Clinician Consultation Center (NCCC) has offered free, on-demand tele-consultation on HIV and viral hepatitis to health care providers across the U.S.  In 2015, with support from the Bureau of Primary Health Care (BPHC) at the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), the NCCC launched a new National Substance Use Warmline (855.300.3595) to address providers’ clinical questions regarding substance use disorder prevention, evaluation, and medical management.  The Warmline’s multi-disciplinary team of experienced addiction medicine professionals has provided over 3,000 individually tailored consultations across a broad range of topics, such as novel buprenorphine initiation strategies; alcohol withdrawal management for older adults with complex comorbidities; and pharmacotherapy considerations for pregnant and parenting individuals.  The Warmline welcomes calls from any U.S.-affiliated clinician, especially providers working in safety net healthcare systems and rural communities.  More information is available at: nccc.ucsf.edu.

Brenda Goldhammer, MPH  - NCCC Program Director

Brenda Goldhammer has been working in the HIV/AIDS field for nearly 30 years.  She received her Master’s in Public Health from the University of California at Los Angeles where she was awarded the Improving Public Health in Southern California Fellowship for her work with social service providers serving people who are unhoused and the University Fellowship for academic excellence.  Before joining the National Clinician Consultation Center, Ms. Goldhammer launched her career with the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) at the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies as an HIV/AIDS Intervention Specialist.  As Program Director for the National Clinician Consultation Center based out of UCSF, she provides operational and strategic leadership including overseeing the program’s technological and infrastructure improvements.  She also manages the projects collaborative partnerships and public relations.

  Jesse Ristau, MD - NCCC Physician Consultant

Dr. Jesse Ristau completed her M.D. at Boston University Medical Center, Primary Care Internal Medicine residency at UCSF and Primary Care and Addiction Medicine Fellowship at UCSF. Dr. Ristau is now an Assistant Professor on faculty at UCSF Health Division of General Internal Medicine and practices primary care and addiction medicine. She also provides addiction consultation with the UCSF NCCC Substance Use Warmline and clinical care for inpatient and outpatient addiction specialty clinics in San Francisco.


Mishka Terplan, MD MPH FACOG DFASAM - NCCC Physician Consultant

Dr. Mishka Terplan is board certified in both obstetrics and gynecology and in addiction medicine. His primary clinical, research, public health, and advocacy interests lie along the intersections of reproductive and behavioral health. He is Medical Director at Friends Research Institute and adjunct faculty at the University of California, San Francisco where he is a Substance Use Warmline clinician for the National Clinician Consultation Center. Dr. Terplan has active grant funding and has published over 140 peer-reviewed articles with emphasis on health inequities, discrimination, and access to treatment. He has spoken at local high schools and before the United States Congress and has participated in expert panels at CDC, SAMHSA, ONDCP, OWH, FDA, and NIH primarily on issues related to gender, reproduction, and addiction.

  Dr. Trivieni Defries, MD MPH - NCCC Physician Consultant

Dr. Triveni DeFries is an internist and addiction medicine physician from the Bay Area, CA. She is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine at University of California, San Francisco, where she also completed a fellowship in Primary Care Addiction Medicine. She previously worked with the Indian Health Service in the Navajo Nation where she focused on improving the use of medications for alcohol use disorder. She currently works at San Francisco General Hospital's general medicine primary care clinic and attends on the hospital's inpatient addiction medicine consult service. She has worked as a clinician consultant for the National Clinician Consultation Center's Substance Use Warmline since 2019. Her areas of interest are in addressing unhealthy alcohol use and immigrant health.

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